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How much concrete is required for a 3,000 square foot

Answer (1 of 4): It depends. If you are building a solid concrete home (well RC), then it would be significantly more than a home on basement, and that would be more than a home built on a slab. But let's take the minimum. Let's say you build a two-story frame home on an 8″ slab, then you could

How much concrete is needed for a 10 x 10 concrete slab

Sep 25, 2020 · The amount you will need for a 10 x 10 slab is 1.3 cubic yards, we always add an extra 10% to allow for any slab depth variations or spills that may occur. This is what your typical concrete contractor in Elk Grove does every day. Another Factor you will have to consider is the type of concrete needed for your project.

How Much Does It Cost to Pour a 24x24 Slab of Concrete

The average cost to pour a 24×24 slab of concrete is $3,456 including materials and labor. Homeowners spend an average of $45 per hour on labor, and it costs $15.90 per square foot to pour concrete. Material costs include $4 per cubic foot of concrete, or $900 total before labor costs. If the cost of a concrete slab is too much, you could

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When mixing on site, how much concrete could one guy pour

May 07, 2007 · a 7 cubic yard slab. It turned out pretty good, but I did it on a 40 degree day when the concrete was setting very slowly. I started about 7:30 AM and finished after 10:00 PM. Since then, I picked up a 1/3 cubic yard mixer for $50 at a garage sale. I welded up a 5 cubic yard hopper that discharges 1/3 cubic yard of

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Feb 08, 2021 · How many bags of concrete do I need for a 10×12 slab? The volume of concrete required for a 10- by 10-foot slab depends on the diameter of the slab. For a 4-inch slab, either eight 60-pound or six 80-pound bags are required, while for a 6-inch slab, either 12 …

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Apr 23, 2018 · Multiply the thickness in feet by the square footage to determine cubic feet; Convert cubic feet to cubic yards by multiplying by .037; Here's what the math looks like for a 10' by 10' concrete patio: 10 x 10 = 100 square feet; 4 ÷ 12 = .33; 100 x .33 = 33 cubic feet; 33 x .037 = 1.22 cubic yards; Essentially you are solving for volume

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Concrete Slab Cost. A typical concrete slab costs $4 to $8 per square foot with most homeowners spending between $5.35 to $6.17 per square foot, or $113 to $126 per cubic yard for both materials and installation. Your final cost will depend on the slabs size, thickness, and if you any special reinforcement such as wire mesh or rebar.

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Calculate Volume of Square Slab Calculator Use. Calculate volumes for concrete slabs, walls, footers, columns, steps, curbs and gutters. Enter dimensions in US units (inches or feet) or metric units (centimeters or meters) of your concrete structure to get the cubic yards value of the amount of concrete you will need to make this structure.

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answer (1 of 6): please furnish units for your 15 and 15. also give the ratio of such cenent concrete and tickness of such slab for answering

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The calculator will indicate the number of bags you will need to build a 4 inch or 6 inch slab. (all yields are approximate and do not allow for uneven substrate, waste, etc.) Enter Number of Square Feet Desired: For a 4" Slab: Number of 40 lb. bags: Number of 50 lb. bags: Number of 60 lb. bags: Number of 80 lb. Bags: For a 6" Slab

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Oct 07, 2021 · 60 cu ft. Kahoo ho tla nka Mokotlana oa 45 ho lekana jarete e le ngoe ea konkreite.. Also, How many cubic feet are in a bag of concrete? One 94 lb. bag of Portland Cement makes Maoto a dikubita tse 4.5 of concrete.

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Aug 16, 2005 · The first pour of the earth level pad will be to a depth of 5 1/2 inches and be a 10 foot square area, or 100 Sq. feet. ===== ==== $190 will get us this large 3 1/2 cubic foot mixer. $232 will get us the concrete delivered but we have nothing but the earth slab pad.

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Use our handy concrete calculator below to compute the volume you will need for a range of structures, including square slabs, footings, round slabs, columns, stairs and fence post holes. Simply input the appropriate figures of your intended construction, along with the suitable units, and then click 'calculate' to view the final volume figure.

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Apr 04, 2012 · I am putting in a concrete slab under my 40 x 15 foot roof overhang extension on my barn for some extra outdoor work room- not alot of floor load. Because I don't have a big concrete mixer and crew I'm thinking of doing it one section at a time, e.g. in four separate pours of 10x15 foot …

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Mar 31, 2019 · Concrete footings and slabs on grade typically require a concrete of 3,500 to 4,000 psi. Suspended slabs, beams, and girders (as often found in bridges) require 3,500 to 5,000 psi. Traditional concrete walls and columns tend to range from 3,000 to 5,000 psi, …

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How many yds of concrete is needed for 900 sq ft x 6 deep

Mar 10, 2013 · The answer will depend on whether the depth is 6 inches, 6 feet, 6 yards or 6 whatever. Since you have not bothered to provide that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer. _____ Assuming 6 feet deep Then 1 yard = 3 feet 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet Answer = 900 x 6 /27 = 200 cubic yards

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Pro-Series 1/2 HP CSA APPROVED 1-1/4 Cubic-Feet Electric Cement Mixer $239.95 The Pro-Series CSA APPROVED 1.25 Cubic-Feet Electric Cement Mixer is the ideal size for mixing concrete for small to medium size projects around the house. Use this cement mixer to build a backyard BBQ pit, pour a concrete slab for a. $239.95.

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A typical concrete slab costs $4 to $8 per square foot with most homeowners spending between $5.35 to $6.17 per square foot, or $113 to $126 per cubic yard for both materials and installation. Your final cost will depend on the slabs size, thickness, and if you any special reinforcement such as wire mesh or rebar.